Throughout the weekend, take a stroll through our Artisan Village to admire and support hand-made Celtic traditional crafters
or join us at the Craft Art Workshop tent on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to participate in our daily workshops.
(Sign Up by noon - Sat and Sun)

This year we have 7 Craft Art Classes being offered in our Celtic College. If you are interested in developing your artistic craft and learning more about traditional Celtic Art, please have a look at the classes being offered and register today! 

Classes being offered this year:
Silversmithing (Jason Bellchamber) ▪︎ Felt & Fabric: The Art of Creating a Bowl (Roslyn Cook and Ruth McLean) ▪︎ Adventure of the Mandala (David Rankine) 
▪︎ Mantra Mosaics (Elena Martoglio) ▪︎ Chainmaille 101 (Sevren Crocker) ▪︎ Illuminated Letters (David Rankine) ▪︎ Still Life Picassiette Mosaics (Elena Martoglio)


There are a limited number of vendor booths available. To apply, please email or call 519-524-8221.

Atelier Rogue Wind (Formerly Rogue Wind Chainmail)

Aunt Beth's

Bedford Candle & Bath Co.

Bellchamber Rings

Bonnie Sitter

Darian Lajoie Art

David Rankine

Eli Rognseth and the Goderich Chain Gang

Ernie King Music

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