2024 Celtic Kids Day Camp is FULL

The Celtic Kids Day Camp is a chance for children between the ages of 4 and 12 to take part in Celtic culture.
The Kids Camp and the Celtic College follow the same daily schedule running Monday to Friday. Like the College, it concludes on Friday afternoon with a Showcase at the Festival, where the kids show off their new skills to their parents and guardians.

The Kids Camp is divided into three streams by age: 4-6**, 7-9**, and 10-12. Students have the opportunity to experience song, tin whistle, harp, guitar, fiddle, percussion, dance, drama, storytelling, and craft art with local professionals and masters from the Celtic College. 
** PLEASE NOTE: All Age Groups for the Celtic Kids Camp is Currently Full. 
Please keep an eye on social media and the website to be alerted if additional spaces become available.

 There are eight 40 minute classes per day, which include tin whistle, song, drama, rhythm, dance, art, and recreation, with options for students aged 7-12 to take classes on different instruments, which could include harp, fiddle, guitar, or ukulele. (Tin whistles are provided and harps are available to borrow, but students taking fiddle, guitar, or ukulele classes must bring their own instruments.)

There is a family discount available for four or more family members studying at the Celtic College or Kids Camp.

Please contact college@celticfestival.ca for any questions.

Once registration and payment are complete, you will be contacted to confirm the booking. 

Step ONE - Registration

2024 Celtic Kids Camp is FULL

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A day at the Kids Camp might look like this:  

1) 9:00-9:40 - Drama or Harp  

2) 9:40-10:20 - Dance  

RECESS 10:20-10:40  

3) 10:40-11:20 - Recreation or Fiddle  

4) 11:20-12:00 - Rhythm or Ukulele  

LUNCH 12:00-1:30 - students can bring a packed lunch or parents can come pick them up.  

5) 1:30-2:10 - Drama  

6) 2:10-2:50 - Tin Whistle or Guitar  

RECESS 2:50-3:10  

7) 3:10-3:50 - Song or Harp  

8) 3:50-4:30 - Art  

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