A message from our Treasurer:

The 2022 post-Covid Goderich Celtic Festival & College were very successful, both artistically and 
logistically, and met our modest financial goal in keeping with our non-profit status. However, for that 
year, we received supplementary government funding on top of our usual grants as a “coming out of 
Covid” effort by funding agencies to recognize the difficulties being faced by the arts & entertainment 
sectors. These grants amounted to just over $41,000, and unfortunately are not available to us this year, 
although we are looking new grant opportunities. 

In 2022, many costs escalated way beyond inflationary pressures. For example, sound gear rentals & 
technicians, which in 2019 cost $19,384, were $35,563, an 83% increase. Many other expense items 
escalated similarly: Tent rentals went from $5,955 to $8,183 (37%); portable washroom facilities from 
$1,475 to $2,656 (80%); bleacher rentals from $735 to $3,431 (366%); and program printing from $1,300 
to $4,169 (221%). Combined, the five noted fixed-cost components represent 21% of our total budget 
and rose by 87% over 2019, while other major (discretionary) components (artist/teacher fees and 
employee expense – 58% of budget) were held to a combined smaller increase of just under 8%. With 
current inflationary pressure, we anticipate the latter discretionary components must rise in 2023 to 
ensure that the College and Festival continue to be staffed with the high calibre of people that are a 
hallmark of our event. 

We are planning and working hard toward cost reductions and revenue opportunities in all areas of our 
2023 budget, but with the reduction of grant revenue and anticipated increased costs in other budget 
components, we are facing a sizeable deficit in 2023, and which would substantially deplete our “rain 
fund”, the reserve we keep to offset bad weather years. As such, we are looking toward increased 
community support in the way of personal donations & corporate sponsorships. We have not heavily 
relied on this avenue in the past, having only received $6,500 in sponsorships in 2022 from 3 large 
supporters, to whom we are very grateful, and a similar amount from personal donations. 
We’re hoping that more will consider providing some level of support by way of donations & 
sponsorship funding, and respectfully ask that you will consider doing so. 

John Lodge 
Treasurer, Goderich Celtic Folk Society 
April, 2023

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Goderich Celtic Folk Society, is a registered charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible. 

Donations enable us to continue to uphold our mandate of: 

Promoting interest in and the study of Celtic music, dance, crafts, stories, and art. 
Promoting lectures, concerts, classes, and seminars in music and music-related activities. 
Arranging competitions and exhibitions, and establishing and granting prizes, awards, and distinctions. 
Advancing knowledge and appreciation of Celtic culture and tradition through musical performances. 

We are thankful for the support of community members who have donated to our initiatives. Your donation is greatly appreciated! 

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