A message from our Treasurer: 

The Goderich Celtic Roots Festival & College would not exist if it were not for the generous support from private donors, corporate sponsors, and government grants at all levels. This support represents almost 40% of our total revenue, and not only makes “Celtic Week” in Goderich a reality, but helps us keep ticket prices and registration fees among the lowest in the country, encouraging family attendance, and in turn what is often referred to by local business as their best week of the year.

But we often hear comments like “where does all the money go?”, and “somebody’s getting rich on this!”. First off, the majority of the money goes to the performers and teachers (close to 50% of our budget). Then there are rentals of sound equipment and tents and other site amenities, insurance, marketing, and salaries for our dedicated part-time staff. While we aim to generate a small surplus each year, there are years when circumstances (weather) do create losses. Over 31 years of operation, we have averaged a modest annual surplus of about $5,000. These funds are held to offset the potential of a disastrous year weather-wise, or the curtailment of government funding which can change quickly in an uncertain economic climate or changing political winds. Our accumulated surplus represents less than half our annual budget and could be quickly wiped out. So … nobody is getting rich from our efforts and we are truly indebted to the hundreds of volunteers and billeting families that give their time each year to the success of the Festival & College. As well, government grantors insist that recipients demonstrate good financial management (surpluses) in order to receive continued funding, and as a Registered Charity, our financial statements are a matter of public record via the Canada Revenue Agency’s Registered Charities Directorate (see their website).

Please visit our Sponsors page for a list of corporate and government supporters, and if you’re able, consider making your own tax-deductible donation by clicking the link below.


John Lodge

Treasurer, Goderich Celtic Folk Society

February, 2024

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Goderich Celtic Folk Society, is a registered charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible. 

Donations enable us to continue to uphold our mandate of: 

Promoting interest in and the study of Celtic music, dance, crafts, stories, and art. 
Promoting lectures, concerts, classes, and seminars in music and music-related activities. 
Arranging competitions and exhibitions, and establishing and granting prizes, awards, and distinctions. 
Advancing knowledge and appreciation of Celtic culture and tradition through musical performances. 

We are thankful for the support of community members who have donated to our initiatives. Your donation is greatly appreciated! 

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